DJC Construction Siding

Siding Contractor – Norwich, New London, Killingly CT

We understand your need to protect your home from the elements, we offer siding services to ensure a beautiful look and maximum longevity for your home or business. Many homeowners are experiencing deterioration of their houses vinyl siding. Often it’s time to replace or introduce all new siding to a house when the look of the current exterior is outdated, and is lacking energy efficiency. New Vinyl can reduce structural decay, improve energy efficiency and increase your homes resale value.
You can enjoy a new-looking home that is low maintenance and insulated. DJC Construction offers the following Siding services, Vinyl Siding, Wood Siding, Siding Repair, Siding Installation, and Siding replacement. We offer a wide variety of colors and finishes. DJC Construction serves New London CT, Killingly CT,  Norwich CT and all surrounding areas.
Please call us for your homes Free Siding consultation, and estimate. DJC is locally owned and operated and is fully licensed and insured.

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